VivaGel® Availability

VivaGel® BV 

VivaGel® BV is available for sale under the brand names Betafem® BV Gel (UK), Betadine BVTM (Europe), BetadineTM BV Gel (Asia) and Fleurstat BVgel (Australia & New Zealand). 

Regulatory processes are underway to enable marketing in the US and other geographic regions.


VivaGel® condom

The VivaGel®condom has been launched in Japan under Okamoto's 003 brand, and in Australia and Canada under the Lifestyles® Dual Protect™ brand. 

The VivaGel®condom has been granted marketing approval in Europe.


It has come to the attention of Starpharma that a group of Malaysian companies, identified as LJC marketing, SWB, Women Beauty Supplies and JSW Millenium Enterprises are marketing a product named “VIVAgel”, "VIVA balance Microbicide Gel" and “VIVA Microbicide GEL” with the package bearing the mark "VIVAgel".  The company uses the Alibaba website to advertise this product.

  • Starpharma has no relationship with these companies or this product and is taking steps to have the activity discontinued.
  • This product is not Starpharma's VivaGel® product and does not contain VivaGel®(SPL7013, astodrimer sodium).