Our partnering approach

We offer transformational solutions for unmet needs in life sciences and pharmaceuticals. Starpharma has adopted a well-defined approach to partnering that aims to deliver solutions and add value to partners, covering a wide range of products and therapeutic areas using our proprietary DEP® dendrimer technology.

In addition, Starpharma partners with sales and distribution companies around the world for its VIRALEZE™ and VivaGel® products.

Our partners

Starpharma has partnered with leading pharmaceutical companies to commercialise a range of products developed using its proprietary dendrimer technology.

Further partnering and licensing opportunities are available.

Partnering opportunities

DEP® partners

Partners can access Starpharma’s novel DEP® drug delivery platform under a research collaboration or licence, to create significant leverage and optionality. Starpharma’s DEP® platform can enhance the commercial and therapeutic value of a wide range of drugs, making it a highly valuable partnering technology.

Our Dendrimer Technology offers multiple collaboration and licensing opportunities for therapy approaches in many areas including oncology chemotherapeutics, ImmunoOncology, non-oncology molecules, ADCs, radiopharmaceuticals, and beyond.

Starpharma is actively seeking partners for its DEP® drug delivery platform, and to combine partners’ molecule/compounds of interest with DEP® therapeutics to develop novel proprietary therapies.

Contact our business development team to discuss DEP® partnering opportunities.

Sales and Distribution partners

Starpharma is seeking to expand the sales and distribution of its VivaGel® and VIRALEZE™ products worldwide and is looking for partners with strong regulatory, distribution and marketing capabilities.

If you are interested in licensing or obtaining distribution rights to our VivaGel® and/or VIRALEZE™ products, contact our business development team. 

Partner with us

Contact our business development team to explore partnership opportunities with Starpharma.

Tony Eglezos

VP Business Development

T: +61 3 8532 2700