DEP cabazitaxel shows complete and sustained tumour regression in breast cancer model

Apr 4th, 2016

Starpharma today announced further efficacy results of its most recent DEP™ candidate, DEP™ cabazitaxel, in a human breast cancer model. These data will be presented along with an overview of Starpharma’s DEP™ platform at the BioEurope Spring 2016 conference in Stockholm later this week.

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Adama Licenses Starpharma's Priostar for Novel 2,4-D

Mar 17th, 2016

Starpharma and Adama today announced the licensing by Adama of Starpharma's Priostar® dendrimer technology for the development and commercialization of an enhanced, proprietary 2,4-D herbicide for the US market. 2,4-D is one of the top three herbicides sold world-wide, with global sales in 2014 estimated by Phillips McDougall to be around US$680 million. The US market in 2014 was worth approximately US$115 million, and has been projected by the US Department of Agriculture to grow by more than 70% by 2020.  

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AAP: Starpharma licenses VivaGel BV in Aust, NZ

Mar 9th, 2016

"Starpharma is letting Aspen Pharmacare Australia market and distribute its Vivagel BV treatment in Australia and New Zealand for an undisclosed sum. Aspen will market and distribute the treatment for bacterial vaginosis, that's due to be launched in 2016, to clinicians and pharmacies. In return, Starpharma will receive royalties on net sales.

Starpharma still holds the commercialisation rights in the rest of the world."

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Starpharma licences VivaGel® BV to Aspen for ANZ

Mar 4th, 2016

Starpharma today announced the signing of a License and Supply Agreement with Aspen Pharmacare Australia Pty Ltd for the sales and marketing of VivaGel® BV in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ).

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Interim Report and Half-Yearly Financial Results

Feb 17th, 2016

Starpharma  today released its interim report and financial results for the half-year ended 31 December 2015.

Financial Summary

  • Reported loss of $10.0M (Dec 2014: $8.5M)
  • Revenue of $3.7M (Dec 2014: $0.7M)
  • R&D tax incentives of $1.8M reported in the half-year (Dec 2014: $1.6M)
  • Cash position at 31 December 2015 of $54.7M (June 2015: $30.8M)
  • Cash inflows of $7.2M from partners and grants, includes US$2.0M from AstraZeneca and $3.4M R&D tax incentive refund
  • Proceeds from completion of $32.0M equity placement
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Targeted DEP™ shows sustained superior performance

Feb 2nd, 2016

Starpharma today announced the final results of the preclinical study of its HER2-targeted DEP™ conjugate, which achieved complete tumour regression at the last study time point of 120 days post dosing.

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Appendix 4C - Quarterly Cashflow Report

Jan 28th, 2016

Starpharma today released its Appendix 4C – Quarterly Cashflow report for the period ended 31 December 2015.

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Starpharma raises $1.9M under Share Purchase Plan

Jan 20th, 2016

Starpharma announced it has completed its Share Purchase Plan (SPP) having raised approximately $1.9 million. Combining the SPP with the recent institutional placement which raised $32 million (before costs); the Company has successfully raised a total of approximately $34 million at $0.73 per share.

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