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Successful VivaGel® Phase 3 results and NDA planned for rBV

Aug 7th, 2017

Starpharma today announced that its two phase 3 trials of VivaGel® BV for prevention of recurrent bacterial vaginosis (rBV) achieved their primary objective demonstrating statistically significant superiority compared to placebo in preventing rBV based on topline data.

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Sale of Agrochemicals Business Investor Presentation

Jun 14th, 2017

Melbourne, Australia; 14 June 2017: Starpharma Holdings Limited (ASX: SPL, OTCQX: SPHRY), will be holding an investor conference call today at 11am (AEST) to discuss the sale of its Agrochemicals business to Agrium Inc., for $35 million. A presentation featuring further information on the transaction is available.

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Starpharma sells Agrochemicals business to Agrium for $35M

Jun 14th, 2017

Melbourne, Australia; 14 June 2017: Starpharma Holdings Ltd (ASX: SPL, OTCQX: SPHRY) today announced that it has completed a transaction to sell its agrochemicals and Priostar® business (Starpharma Agrochemicals) to Agrium, Inc., (Agrium) (NYSE: AGU, TSE: AGU) for A$35 million in cash consideration. The Starpharma Agrochemical business willl be operated by Agrium’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Loveland Products, Inc.

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DEP® irinotecan outperforms irinotecan in multiple cancer models

Jun 6th, 2017

Melbourne, Australia; Starpharma (ASX: SPL, OTCQX: SPHRY) today announced that its proprietary DEP® irinotecan has demonstrated significantly better anti‑tumour activity and increased survival compared with irinotecan in a variety of human colon cancer models. 

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AstraZeneca DEP® candidate advance triggers milestone to Starpharma

Apr 20th, 2017

 Starpharma announced the achievement of a key preclinical milestone for its DEP® drug delivery technology in combination with a proprietary oncology molecule from AstraZeneca.

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Ansell launches VivaGel® condom in Canada

Apr 12th, 2017

Starpharma is pleased to announce the VivaGel® condom has been launched in Canada by Ansell under the LifeStyles® Dual Protect brand. 

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VivaGel® BV phase 3 trials for prevention of BV completed

Mar 30th, 2017

Starpharma Holdings Ltd (ASX: SPL, OTCQX: SPHRY) today announced completion of its international, multicentre, phase 3 clinical studies evaluating VivaGel® BV for the prevention of recurrent bacterial vaginosis (rBV). Starpharma expects topline results of the trials to be available in the second quarter of 2017.

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VivaGel® BV granted QIDP and Fast Track designation by US FDA

Jan 12th, 2017

Starpharma Holdings Ltd (ASX: SPL, OTCQX: SPHRY) today announced it has been granted Qualified Infectious Disease Product (QIDP) and Fast Track designation for VivaGel® BV by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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Shareholder Update April 2016

Apr 13th, 2016

In this issue:

> Message from the CEO

> Adama licenses Priostar® for 2,4-D

> DEPTM cabazitaxel shows superior performance

> Starpharma's Targeted DEPTM conjugates - compelling results in an area of high interest

> AstraZeneca selects second DEPTM candidate

> Starpharma long standing collaborator ranked 4th in the world

> Starpharma signs licence with Aspen for commercialisation of VivaGel® BV in Australia and New Zealand

> MOU for VivaGel® condom in China

> Half-year financial results

> Bio-Europe® conference

Download: Shareholder Update April 2016 (pdf file, 1MB)


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Adama Licenses Starpharma's Priostar for Novel 2,4-D

Mar 17th, 2016

Starpharma and Adama today announced the licensing by Adama of Starpharma's Priostar® dendrimer technology for the development and commercialization of an enhanced, proprietary 2,4-D herbicide for the US market. 2,4-D is one of the top three herbicides sold world-wide, with global sales in 2014 estimated by Phillips McDougall to be around US$680 million. The US market in 2014 was worth approximately US$115 million, and has been projected by the US Department of Agriculture to grow by more than 70% by 2020.  

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Starpharma licences VivaGel® BV to Aspen for ANZ

Mar 4th, 2016

Starpharma today announced the signing of a License and Supply Agreement with Aspen Pharmacare Australia Pty Ltd for the sales and marketing of VivaGel® BV in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ).

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Targeted DEP™ shows sustained superior performance

Feb 2nd, 2016

Starpharma today announced the final results of the preclinical study of its HER2-targeted DEP™ conjugate, which achieved complete tumour regression at the last study time point of 120 days post dosing.

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