Sep 03, 2019

VivaGel® BV regulatory approvals continue in Asia

VivaGel® BV regulatory approvals continue in Asia

Melbourne, Australia: Starpharma today announced that it has received a further regulatory approval in an Asian country for VivaGel® BV. This approval follows multiple country approvals in the region as previously announced on 15 August 2019. Mundipharma will be rolling-out the product in Asia under the brand name BETADINETM BV Gel.

BETADINETM BV Gel will be marketed by Mundipharma, a leading global pharmaceutical company which owns the successful international brand BETADINETM. BETADINETM BV Gel will be available Over-The-Counter (OTC) in Asia. The launch of BETADINETM BV Gel in Asia is expected to occur in the coming months and follows other launches of VivaGel® BV in Europe and Australia earlier this year.

In addition to these approvals, Starpharma and Mundipharma have submitted further regulatory submissions in countries across Asia and other Mundipharma regions. This approval, and the previous announced approvals, will facilitate and accelerate further registrations in Asia.

Dr Jackie Fairley, Starpharma CEO, commented: “We are very pleased to achieve momentum with these approvals for VivaGel® BV in Asia. We are working closely with Mundipharma to achieve approvals throughout the region and look forward to providing this breakthrough product for BV to patients in Asia”.

Raman Singh, Mundipharma CEO, commented: “This is another important step in our efforts to establish BETADINETM BV Gel as the category leader in Asia for the management of bacterial vaginosis (BV) as part of the successful Betadine brand portfolio in the coming months.”

The specific countries which have been granted regulatory approval in Asia currently remain undisclosed at this time for competitive reasons.

About VivaGel® BV

VivaGel® BV is a novel, non-antibiotic therapy for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis (BV) and prevention of recurrent BV. BV is the most common vaginal condition worldwide and twice as common as thrush. One in three women will experience BV and half of these women will have recurrent BV. VivaGel® BV is an Australian innovation – invented, fully developed and taken through to commercialisation by Starpharma.

BV is a troublesome and often recurrent condition that causes unpleasant vaginal odour and discharge symptoms that have significant social impact for women. BV has also been associated with a range of other serious reproductive health-related medical problems.


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