Dec 02, 2015

Second DEP™ candidate selected by AstraZeneca

Second DEP™ candidate selected by AstraZeneca

Melbourne, Australia; Starpharma Holdings Ltd (ASX: SPL, OTCQX: SPHRY) today announced that AstraZeneca has selected a second DEP™ candidate and Starpharma will now commence a new DEP™ project incorporating the second proprietary AstraZeneca oncology molecule.


The development of this new DEP™ candidate will be conducted under the recently signed multi-product license agreement between Starpharma and AstraZeneca. Under the agreement Starpharma has granted access for the use of its DEP drug delivery platform in the development and commercialisation of AstraZeneca compounds against a specific drug target. AstraZeneca will fund the joint program.


“Our ongoing collaboration with AstraZeneca is a very positive one and we look forward to commencing work on the second DEP™ product”, said Dr Jackie Fairley, Chief Executive Officer of Starpharma.


Starpharma uses its DEP™ technology to improve the performance of pharmaceuticals. Dendrimer-enhanced versions of selected drugs have been found to be superior to the unmodified drugs in pre-clinical studies, often having improved efficacy and fewer side effects or toxicities, such as Starpharma’s drug DEP™ docetaxel which is currently in Phase 1 clinical studies.


Download ASX Announcement: Second DEP candidate selected by AstraZeneca (pdf file, 79kb)

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