VivaGel® contains an innovative antimicrobial agent which is being applied to a range of sexual health products in development by Starpharma and its partners including:



The active ingredient of VivaGel® is the proprietary dendrimer, SPL7013, which has been shown in scientific studies to inhibit infection with viruses, including HIV and the genital herpes virus, and the growth of bacteria. Several clinical studies have successfully tested the safety and efficacy of VivaGel®.


VivaGel® has been shown to have efficacy for treatment of bacterial vaginosis (BV) in a Phase 2 clinical study and has undergone Phase 3 testing which showed statistically significant efficacy at end of treatment in curing the signs and symptoms of BV.  VivaGel® is currently in Phase 2 clinical testing for prevention of recurrence of BV.



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