Priostar and poly-lysine based dendrimers

Dendritic Nanotechnologies Inc (DNT) offers unique and proprietary dendrimer technologies for development and licensing into a variety of applications.

DNT is the US-based subsidiary of Starpharma, developing dendrimers to be used in a variety of applications. Starpharma provides partners world-wide with innovative dendrimer technologies and commercialization services based on our proprietary Priostar(R) dendrimers, poly-lysine based dendrimers, and Starburst™ PAMAM dendrimers.


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PAMAM Dendrimers

If you are looking to purchase PAMAM (Starburst(R)) dendrimers please click below to be redirected to the PAMAM webstore operated by Andrews ChemServices, Berrien Springs, Michigan, USA.


Please note that the sale of PAMAM dendrimers (only)  is now operated by Andrews ChemServices independently of DNT and the Starpharma group of companies.


Andrews ChemServices

Contact Details

Website: www.andrewschemservices.com

Email:  dendrimer (at) andrewschemservices.com

Phone:  1-269-471-3247


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